What makes Little Luxury’s Vitality Mini Water Cooler for the Outdoors unique?

Can you imagine cold filtered water at your fingertips, while out camping, caravanning, on safari or hunting? Now a little more luxury comes to the bush with the Little Luxury outdoor water cooler. Mains and battery power inputs!

The NEW - first ever, award-winning -

AC and DC powered use in car, truck, RV, boat, mobile home or with solar panel system.
The unit operates on ac and dc power which means that it can be powered via your car, RV and solar panel - no inverter needed.

An affordable way to stay healthy

The health benefits of simply drinking enough water is something every person should take into consideration. Drinking clean water can give you more energy, helps you perform better mentally and physically, helps you lose weight, reduces headaches and dizziness, helps with digestion and makes your skin more clear.

If you’re looking for an affordable way to stay healthy and cut the costs on fad dieting and extreme detoxing, purchase a Little Luxury Water Cooler or Tap Filter. Not only does the American cancer panel recommend our type of filter but it is also easy to fit and use while making water taste great! There is no massive cost for owning a simple device like the Little Luxury water cooler, and is a super easy way to stay clear of soda and other unhealthy drinks.

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