Our Technology

Our technology is patented and has won the Nestle Innovation Award. The unit has a low energy draw and is optimized to allow DC power input.

Little Luxury outdoor filter uses KDF filter with NSF grade carbon with Silver Microtech technology, which neutralizes bacteria on contact and selected grades of advanced filter resin ion, which converts various contaminants and heavy metals so that they are absorbed by the filter medium. Certified by SGS, France to remove lead and other heavy metals including all known common harmful pesticides from tap water.

A robust and rugged design is built for the outdoors so that it can take some knocks. It also has a strap to keep the water bottle firmly in place. This ensures that you can enjoy cold, healthy, great tasting water anywhere. Simply fill the bottle with river or lake water and your Little Luxury Outdoor unit does the rest.

  • -> Optimized cooling capacity.
  • -> Utilizes aeronautical and space age engineering principles to optimize performance and reduce materials
  • -> Virtually Silent
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