Distilled water

A fortune of people have heard the term “distilled water” but are not really sure what this in fact means. Distilled water, is water that has had the impurities removed by it being heated up to boiling point to create steam. Once the steam has been cooled back to liquid form, the water has then been distilled.

Obviously, there are definite health benefits to drinking distilled water as opposed to drinking water that comes directly from the tap, as all bacteria is killed during the distillation process. In fact, may suppliers of spring water use this as a key marketing point for their products. Drinking distilled water is also recommended to post-operative patients in order to minimise the risk of bacteria entering the body when the immune system is weak.

Water purification is one of the major issues facing third-world countries, as a vast amount of te natural water found in these countries is undrinkable. The World Health Organisation is currently involved in a major drive to help these countries achieve workable levels of drinking water to help prevent and maintain the outbreaks of water-borne diseases. They encourage the inhabitants in these countries to drink distilled water wherever possible, and have active programs to educate people about this.


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