Drinking Water Benefits

Since our youth, most of us have been told about drinking water benefits. Most of us, at one time or another, will have heard the “7 glasses a day” story. So is this true, and what are the health benefits of drinking water. Some people say that the benefits of drinking water are grossly exaggerated, but we believe exactly the opposite to be true !

When you consider the amount of fluid that you lose every day as a result of perspiration, urination, and , believe it or not, even breathing, the amount of drinking water that you take-in daily needs to compensate for this. Drinking water helps maintain the balance of fluid in your body. When our bodily fluids are low, the brain activates our thirst mechanism. It makes perfect sense that when a person is thirsty, and satiates this thirst, they immediately feel better. So drinking water benefits the body to quench your thirst.

The food that we intake comprises around 20% of the daily water intake that we need. The other 80% comes from the other liquids that we consume daily. The interesting thing is that some dieticians suggest that simply by cutting out colddrinks and drinking water daily, can help people dramatically lose weight. There is a growing belief among some nutrionists that you can lose weight simply by changing your drinking habits, without actually changing the food that you eat. The health benefits associated with this approach (improved kidney function, better metabolism etc) , combined with the fact that ones eating need not change, make it a very appealing method of dieting.

Kids nutrition is also a very well-debated topic amongst parents wishing to give their kids the best possible daily diet. Again, a child’s daily consumption of water as opposed to sugary alternatives is widely accepted to be a far preferable method of not only maintaining a healthy body, but also of weight control.

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