H2O – such a small and unsophisticated compound, yet such an important compound in the evolution of humanity. Two Hydrogen molecules attached to one oxygen molecule is the very basis of the survival of the human race ! All life forms depend on water intake. Water, even though it provides humans, animals and plants with no beneficial nutrients or calories, is the basis for their survival – a crazy thought !Water is the only substance that occurs naturally as a solid, a liquid, and a gas on the earths surface. It has no odour, and is tasteless.

Issues around the conservation of water, and water resources in particular, are some of the most important that are being tackled by governments. Sustainable water supply is a critical issue facing everyone in the world today, and governments are continually tackling this issue. Water science is a massive topic that has spawned various industries across the globe – with huge amounts of money being allocated to water research.

Human consumption of water happens in various ways, from tap-based consumption, to bottled water. The bottled water industry is a rapidly-growing industry worldwide. Some of the major players worldwide, including the likes of Coca Cola have entered into this market in the last 20 years, and there are currently hundreds of bottled water providers worldwide.

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